Local Store Range

Our store stocks only the best Australian brand name products in clothing, skate gear, scuba diving gear and surf products. Have a look below to see the range of items we sell in our physical store, or go to our online shop to see our online offers.surf-and-skate-clothes


The best and freshest styles from the best brand names in surf apparel. Our range is carefully selected from 30 years of surf clothing experience. We have a large selection of men’s and women’s clothing in the most fashionable colours and styles for both the summer and winter seasons.
We have a huge skate shoe, surf shoe and casual shoe range, with the biggest shoe wall in Tasmania for skate and surf shoes.
Also in stock are heaps of nick-nacks and clothing accessories like the Clic Magnetic reading glasses. Drop in to find the perfect gifts to satisfy all your birthday shopping or just a surprise for yourself.

Skate Gear

We have an extensive range of decks and accessories skateboards-and-longboards.jpgand a bunch of pre-made boards available. Whether you’re just getting started or the next Tony Hawk; we have something for you, so don’t hesitate to come and in ask our experienced staff to help get you on your way.
In our skate section we have a variety of longboards of differing lengths and designs. Good for long distance skating or downhill racing, a longboard will make a great gift for someone wanting to get into skating.
For the current longboard owners, we stock wheels, bearings and grips to repair and upgrade your board.

kayaks-and-canoesWater Craft

We have a large range of water craft, including kayaks, canoes, fishing kayaks, wave skis, whitewater kayaks and double kayaks in store. Just ask us if you want to take the boats out on the Mersey River for a test paddle to see if it suits your paddling style and needs.

Some of the kayak and canoe types we stock are:
Recreational Kayaks: Designed for casual paddlers in calm locations like lakes, flatwater streams and sheltered ocean locations. Recreational kayaks traditionally stable for easy entry and exit, and can be useful for photography, fishing or peaceful paddling.

Sea Kayaks: As the name suggests, sea kayaks are designed to deal with the sometimes rough conditions of the sea. They usually have storage compartments and can be fitted with a rudder or skeg for directional stability.

Sit on top: Sit on tops are also designed to cope with rough conditions. With water draining out through the scuppers, these kayaks can deal with waves and even complete rolling. As these boats are very easy to get into even on the water they are popular for recreational use and SCUBA diving.

kayak-and-canoe-paddlesSurf Kayaks: Short and mobile, the surf kayak is shaped to perform well in waves. With a hull shaped like a surfboard, these kayaks are heaps of fun in the waves.

Whitewater Kayaks: Visually similar to surf kayaks, the shape of whitewater kayaks is designed to work best while in large moving bodies of water. Whitewater kayaks are made with special materials to retain structural integrity when under pressure, and a semi-rigid construction allows them to bounce off rocks without cracking.

Fishing Kayaks: Usually very long to maximise stability and comfort, fishing kayaks are designed for large lakes and open calm ocean. Fishing kayaks typically offer extreme customisability, with rod holders, paddle motors, electric motors, rudders and large amounts of storage typical for these models.

Check out and purchase our range in stock at our webstore.

Surf Gearsurf-boards-rack

Stocking an array of bodyboards, soft boards and surfboards, we know you’ll be able to find something in store to suit you.
We have the surfboard for all needs, selected for your size, weight and experience. We can organise training for beginners and master classes for the more competent. We also purchase from local and interstate shapers and manufactures. If we don’t have just the board for you we can order it in. Some trade-ins are welcome.

We also carry stand up paddle boards! Stand up paddling boarding has evolved into one of the most popular sport and recreational activities around the world! From fitness, to cruising or even big wave surfing; stand up paddle boarding is suitable for anyone and everyone.

Soft boards are an entry level, easy to use surfboard. They are safe, lightweight and great for those wanting to learn to surf.
We stock softboards in sizes from 5′ to 7′ and models such as the:

  • Ocean and Earth Ezi-Rider
  • Mirage Grommit
  • Global Surf Industries Gnaraloo

These colourful boards make great gifts for young aspiring surfers to learn on. Pop in to put one on lay-by today!

Wetsuits and Scuba Equipmentcanoe-n-surf-colourful-wetsuits-H720

We stock a huge range from tanks, suits and fins, down to spare clips and straps for your mask. Tank repair and refil services are avaliable, just leave it to us.
We have wetsuits from all the leading brands like Pinnacle, Probe, Semi-dry, 2 Piece, or Steamer. You need to get the right fit and be comfortable while diving. We know wetsuits and dive gear, and will always recommend the right product for you.