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A diver would be very happy to have this fantastic piece of gear. Produced by Australian importer Land and Sea, the Commando dive knife epitomizes quality, durability, design excellence, and value for money.

To craft the hollow-ground blade, Land and Sea has sourced 420-grade stainless steel. In a nutshell, 420-grade is designated specifically for engineering cutlery – and that includes dive knives. The steel is also renowned for its highly saltwater resistant nature and its durability.

The multipurpose nature of the Commando dive knife gives you a knife with both a flat-edge and saw-edge. On top of these edges, the knife also features as a highly usable line-cutter as well as a Bowie tip, which sets it apart from the hammerhead version of the Commando.

Even the craftsmanship of the protective sheath is impressive, with Land and Sea opting for a plastic-moulded production process. The sheath can then be fitted on your body with the aid of a rubber belt strap.


  • 420-grade stainless steel
  • Bowie tip
  • Hollow-ground blade
  • Multipurpose blade
  • Moulded handle
  • Sheath and rubber belt leg strap included


  • Military-style appearance of the knife looks very impressive. Careful consideration has gone into the design process.
  • Land and Sea’s use of 420-grade stainless steel gives you the ideal blade for maintenance and durability.
  • The multipurpose design of the dive knife blade gives you four impressive functions, including Bowie tip, line-cutter, flat-edge, and saw-edge.
  • Using the blade always feels comfortable because of the moulded handle and grip-enhancing grooves.
  • Storing the knife safely and securely is simple when you use the plastic moulded sheath. The rubber belt leg strap will then keep it close at hand.

For an incredibly cool military-style dive knife that is also highly effective, Land and Sea’s Commando dive knife is exactly what you need.