Knife Big buddy II Abalone Tool

Knife Big buddy II Abalone Tool

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From Land and Sea, we bring you the highly versatile Big Buddy II Abalone Tool. With an affordable Big Buddy II, you will have the power to blur the lines between dive knife and tool. Save valuable space by combining two vital items into one.

To ensure an impressive standard of quality, Land and Sea has crafted the blade using a 420-grade of stainless steel. This particular grade is regarded for its durability and saltwater resistance. so maintaining the hollow-ground blade will come easily. To that end, Land and Sea has designed the blade so that it can be completely dismantled.

The multipurpose nature of the blade gives you a flat-edge, saw-edge, and line-cutting function to work with. On top of that trio, the Big Buddy II also features a hammerhead for performing various actions such as being able to pry Abalone from the rocks beneath the oceans surface.

There is a further bonus with the knife, in the form of a bright green sheath. This has been moulded for impressive durability and comes with a quick-release sheath button as well as rubber straps for attachment.


  • Hammerhead style – Abalone Knife Tool
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Dismantle for maintenance
  • Multi-purpose blade
  • Leg straps included


  • The Big Buddy II Abalone Tool combines a diving knife and hammerhead tool in just a single item of gear.
  • The hollow-ground blade is formed out of 420-grade stainless steel for maximum effectiveness against saltwater and provides maximum durability.
  • Incredibly, the blade gives you a flat-edge, saw-edge, line-cutter, and hammerhead to make your diving experiences so much simpler.
  • Cleaning the blade is a simple process because Land and Sea has designed the knife to be capable of being dismantled.
  • Even the sheath is impressive, with its rugged, moulded design, coupled with a quick-release button and rubber straps.

Land and Sea developed the Big Buddy II Dive Knife for divers seeking multiple functions from one compact diving knife. You can benefit from that multi-functionality by ordering an affordable Big Buddy II Abalone knife from us at Fishing Tackle Shop.